NAME:                      Njoke

SURNAME:              Cyrille Maxime

DATE OF BIRTH:     04-04-1988

PLACE:                      Douala Cameroon

SEXE:                         Male

HEIGHT:                    1,85m

WEIGHT:                    80 kg

POSITION:                 Striker

NATIONALITY:         Cameroonians

                                    PRECEDENT TEAMS

2001-      Green Stars Academy (young league) benjamin

2002-      Green Stars Academy (young league ) minime

2003-      Green Stars Academy ( cadet league ) cadet 

2004-      Green Stars Academy (division 3 )   junior

2005-      Leopard of Douala      (division 2 )  junior

2006-      Astre fc of Douala       ( division 1 ) senior

2007-      Green Stars Academy ( division 2 ) senior

                                PALMARES AND SELECTIONS

2000-2001:  position 3 in the provincial tournement,winner of cup brasserie of cameroon,champion of tournement k s a

2001-2002: semi finalist of national tournement in limbe ( sud ouest cameroon),

2002-2003: finalist of national tournement in limbe,finalist in provincial tournement ,winner of zonal tournement

2003-2004: semi finalist of national tournement in limbe,provincial selection,preselection in the national team under 14 (montaigu france )

2005-2006: preselect national team under 17

2006-2007: preselect national team   junior

                               INDIVIDUAL FILE

Good scorer,he is an excellent fox in the gaol area,Intelligent,speedy,technic,he has very good control of ball and his game is open with good eye sight,he shoots as well and uses both two feet.

Speack french and english

very good soccer


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