13-HALLE NESTOR ( left back defender ,midfeilder )


 Marital Statue : Single

Nationality: Cameroonian

Mobile: +66877155177 Thailand number

+23799112065 Cameroon number.



Height: 1m 70

Weight: 67kg

Position: Left back defense and left midfielder

Preferred foot: Left

I am a versatile player with experience that can play as a left back defender or in the midfielder defense role. Athletic player, skills and good combative player (fight). As a versatile I have a good reader of the game and good final pass, can also bring other players into my system play (animation offensive). I also play with both feet.



1994 – 1996:            CAFRAD FC (Center of formation)

Best player of the League, played as a forward. 12 appearances, 6goals.

1996 – 1998:            KSA AKADEMIC FC (Center of formation)

Best scored of the tournament, played as a forward. 14 appearances

 9 goals.

1998 – 2001: SIX INTERNATIONAL FC Douala 2nd division.

1/32 final of Cameroon cup and champion of departmental league (Wouri) 28 appearances, 12 goals, played as a midfielder offensive.

2001 – 2002:            POUMA FC Douala 2nd division.

Ten (10) positions for the department league.20 appearances, 6 goals played as a left back defense.

2002 – 2005:            CROISSANT FC of Nkongsamba 2nd division.

First year INJURY with my leg and the second season vice champion of the departmental league. Some appearances for the two seasons 18, 9 goals played as a midfield left and as a left back defense.        


2005 – 2007:FK GENGLERC BIRLIYIRI(Azerbaijan professional football)

first season 15of position and second season 10 of position

in first division, played as a midfielder offensive.40 appearances 8 goal.

2008 – 2009:            Aigle Royal de la Menoua FC Dschang

            Played as a midfielder defensive.12appearances


2009-2010- Nakhon Phanom fc D2 (Thailand football semi-professional)


Ø     Certificate (diploma) general exam taken

Ø     Air conditioning technician (formation Attestation)




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